Common Names are Pandanas, Screw Palm, Screw pine. Red fruit-Buah merah This is a post I shared on Face Book Contrary to a statement uttered by my Religious Education Tutor […]

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes without a drastic weight loss programme and extreme calorie restriction. We have had several claims to finding a treatment for reversing diabetes, but this might be […]

Diabetes increases the risk of total cancer Preventing diabetes is now a cause of deep concern for the entire global population. Recent scientific studies can cause alarming anxiety for diabetics […]

Okra is native to Ethiopia was consumed during the 12 century BC, then spread to India. the Middle East and later to Brazil. Slaves from West Africa probably brought okra […]

Using Music Like a Drug Let The Music Play Music Therapy Music therapy is the use of patient-chosen music based modalities such as listening, drumming, lyric writing or analyst, or […]

Interesting News Today I came across this amazing article about a former Jazz singer and music and drama teacher Ann Arscoot, who can still sing but has difficulty in speaking […]

Water is not just water it also contains nutrients. It is important that we stay hydrated, we use up the 70% water in our bodies as we go about our […]