About me


Born in Barbados in 1944, I was the second of 11 children and grew up in a small village known for its pottery. Actually the name Devonish was synonymous with pottery in Barbados. My parents immigrated to England and by 1963 all nine children followed,one by one. Two of my sisters were born in England.

I arrived in England on a cold winter day in December 1962. Two months later I was hired as a student teacher pending entry into university or Teacher’s College. I was the first teacher of colour in the city of Coventry. I gained entry into Birmingham University School of Education, better known as Coventry Teachers College,1964-67 now the Warwick University School of Education.I was also the first and only student of colour for the first two years.

Before graduating I was offered a job at the same school where I did my student teaching. Teaching was fun and the kids were a delight, but I could not tolerate the cold so I returned to Barbados in December 1969. I had hoped to teach but declined Because I was being offered a lower salary than recruited English teachers with the identical qualifications.

I worked for an English-owned manufacturing plant as a production manager for about six months. I decided not to take an offer for further training in the UK to return as managing director and decided to open my own business in 1970, a restaurant, art gallery and gift shop, all in a two storey building.

The Gallery and gift shop has always been the showroom for my sculpture and ceramics as well as exhibiting works of other caribbean, local and international artists.

I worked part-time for the Canadian Training Awards project as a consultant which took me to Anguilla, which I thought was a little piece of heaven on earth, I settled on the island in 1988.
I still operate the Devonish Art Gallery,

I now have a loving wife Carrolle (a bead artist), two sons, one in England , an artist and one in Canada,a marketing manager, two daughters, one in Germany, a fabulous professional modern dancer,and my youngest, a former Miss Anguilla who is now entering Birmingham University to study for her Doctorate in clinical psychology

. In August 2015 we had a family reunion in Barbados and it looked like the United Nations; there were immediate family connections from Barbados, Anguilla, Jamaica, England, Germany, UK, Canada, Norway, Philippines, Zambia, Switzerland and Romania.

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Hats off to Kyle and Carson,

There is no Beauty without Brains. As a sculptor and ceramic artist my passion and focus is to create -A Thing of Beauty.

Google Courtney Devonish or Devonish Art Gallery for more information.