Cognitive Ipairment Test & Brain Exercise # 2 -numbers

After I suffered my stroke in 2013, I was terrified of two things, first did I suffer any brain damage and second, would I be able to continue functioning as an artist, carving wood and throwing pots.

My first effort was to test myself for any brain damage, so I created these brain exercises to test my cognitive function and is happy to share them.



coconut tree with coconuts.

follow the example in the first column of exercise No 2.

Complete the other grids so that each column contains the numbers one thru nine in any order.

You cannot use any three digit-number more than once in completing the three grids, for example if you use 456 in the first grid you cannot use it again in any of the other grids.

See example in Exercise-2


Click on attachment for.Exercises

Cognitive Impairment Test & Brain Exercise # 2
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  1. Hello Codevonish,

    I will like to read more of your site. You have very short information but at the same time, it seems to be very interesting.
    I want to hear more about the brain exercises that could prevent stroke.
    Thank you for the information. I managed to open the exercise but I am unable to write anything.

  2. Thanks for visiting; I can’t say the exercises can prevent strokes but they can be helpful after a stroke. You should exercise your brain in the same way you exercise your body. Some of the numbers exercises are in pdf format because rows and columns are difficult in wordpress unless you have certain skills which are still challenging. Recreate the exercise on your computer in word or excel and complete or on a columnar pad. Good luck, if you have any problems, send me a message.

  3. Oh my god, this exercise seems so difficult or maybe I just don’t understand what I need to do.
    I would be very interested to read more information and any tips and advice you can give about living with diabetes, as I have a very close friend that is diabetic.
    Do diabetics need brain exercise or this exercise is good to be done by everyone to keep their brain fresh and working?
    Thank you.
    All the best

  4. We all need at least 30 minutes of physical exercise daily especially Diabetics; Eating healthy is vitally important. there are some exercise equipment and a book on diets for diabetics, try to acquire and share if you live close to each other. Prevention is better than cure. try to cover all the materialon the website,Best wishes to both of youIwill chech the exercises and send you some clues. be patient, they are not that difficult.Thank you for visiting. .

  5. Hi Codevonish, you have an interesting website about diabetes strokes and brain exercises for stroke patients. I am a diabetic too, and thanks GOD I am not a stroke patient. I looked at your attachment on the brain exercise and it looks pretty good. I can say, that should be a good mental/brain exercise. Coming from a patient who has already been there, it should be be very useful and worthwhile to do daily. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  6. Thanks for visiting Rebecca, Exercise daily, brain and body, eat healthy and hopefully you can avoid a stroke;Stay well and be careful.Blessings.

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