There is a small farm owned by a friend who recently sang the praises of Arugula, so I decided to purchase a small sample ; today I am hooked on […]

Lemon versus Lime During my early childhood lemon and limes were always available; trees were planted close to the back of the kitchen to take advantage of the gray water, […]

This research is dedicated to a very special person in my life, who I love unconditionally; and suffers from migraines. The pains from migraines can be debilitating; they can disrupt […]

Exercise Daily and eat healthy Foods. 1. New Test for Skin Cancer. I heard it first on BBC news, a first in the world; a blood test that can detect […]

Exercise Daily and Eat Healthy Foods- Squash Adopt a plant- based diet for healthy living Squash was seldom on my shopping list, until I adopted a plant based diet. I […]

Cel-encapsulation Research I just thought I would surf the Internet to see what’s new in the search to find a cure for Diabetes period, and also the new developments in […]

Exercise Daily and Eat Healthy Foods If you live in the tropics and have access to a small area of land. Plant a dwarf coconut tree; it will bear in […]