Obesity and Diabetes Contrary to popular belief that diabetes in more prevalent among the poor and working-class populations of the world where poor nutrition is an issue; we have just […]

Diabetes Update

Not Two But Five Types Of Diabetes For the past week the news around the world carried the story of the scientific discovery of 5 distinct types of diabetes. Traditionally […]


  Symptoms of Bowel Cancer Bleeding from the rectum or blood in your stool Some not so common systems could be constant feeling of tiredness or dizziness Unexplained weight loss […]

The Importance Of A Plant-based Diet. Every day we are discovering scientific evidence that proves what global inhabitants knew thousands of years ago. We think we are living in a […]

I am dedicating this research to my daughter who is a final year student at University. I only did 3 years of college studies and there were times I felt […]

Cough CPR Yes Or No? A friend recently sent me an email, that seem to have gone viral on the Internet; He was also asking to share the post on […]